Eagle Roost Airpark

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Eagle Roost

The picturesque Eagle Roost Airpark (27 AZ) is nestled between the quaint old town of Aguila, AZ and a 65 million year old volcano. It is situated 25 miles west of Wickenburg on old highway 60, in the "Valley of the Eagle". One mile square with 128 five acre lots, a 3900' x 40' paved runway and paved taxi ways, a place we lovingly call home.



Route 60

Route 60 does not have the same charm of Route 66, but it shares the same history. You can still see the retro gas station signs and motel signs that once were a host to travelers going to/from Phoenix or California.



The Harquahalas

Beautiful panoramic views of the Harquahala mountains to the south and the Harcuvar mountains to the north.



Eagle Eye Mountain

Eagle Roost gets its name from the Eagle Eye mountain, a remnant left over when the lava spewed from the active cone and liquid rock shot up and bent over to form the "eye".


Flying Adventures

This year, 2018 we boast a new re-coated smooth runway with freshly painted numbers. The numbers are compliments of the Women's Pilot Organization 99s.

Eagle Roosters fly out for breakfast or camping to many locations throughout Arizona, landing and taking off from desert runways, like Wayside or Bouse, or to the paved runways like Sedona, Prescott or Parker. For those who enjoy gambling and endless buffets try the Blue Water Resort & Casino in Parker.




Members' aircraft include single engine Ultralights, Sport Aircraft, Cessnas, Piper Cubs, Pacers, Tri-Pacers, Mooneys, Rans, Stinsons, a Stearman and twins like the Aerostar and the Cessna 310.

War birds like the T-6 and T-28 restored to all their glory. Flyby's happen all the time. Hard to imagine during WWII that there were literally thousands of these planes flying to protect our country.

So whatever aircraft you own, you'll find new friends to enjoy the experience with you.



R.C. Aircraft

Eagle Roosters enjoy flying RC Aircraft and Drones. We fly the drones on our own 5 acre lots or out in the desert. The RC flyers use the abandoned runway at Forpaugh, the old military glider training base a short distance east down Route 60.



Wild Life

We have Javalina, snakes, spiders, fox, road runners, badgers,etc.

Spiders photographed in their underground holes. (Dennis Huwe - 2021)



ATV Adventures

In addition to flying, ATV'ing here is at its finest where you can drive out of the gates and venture many miles in either direction to enjoy the open desert or 4 wheel drive mountain trails and explore old mines and ghost towns along the way.

Desert camping can be enjoyed throughout the BLM lands that surround Eagle Roost.


Community Center

We have a beautiful community center which is our prime meeting place for Board Meetings, EAA Meetings, card games, pot luck dinners, Christmas and New Years celebrations.



Horse Back Riding

Just like ATV'ing you can enjoy riding your faithful steed throughout the trails all around Eagle Roost. Brings to mind days gone by when John Wayne rode “The miracle horse” named Duke, surrounded by the mighty Saguaro Cacti.




What can we say about the weather. Almost 360 flying days a year, most days are cloudless. If we wake up and the sun is not shining we wonder what's happening.

So when your friends back east or up north are shoveling snow (white manure), you can enjoy desert camp outs in 70 degree weather.



Shooting / Hunting

There is a rifle range and trap range on the south side of Eagle Eye mountian.




The Aguila area boosts the finest drinking water in all of Arizona. There are 200' deep wells that supply delicious drinking water right from the tap, so no need to soften or filter. The latest reports show that there will be plenty of water for years to come. (See water report on home page.)





Admittedly about 5 years ago we had trouble with break-ins. At that time we installed gates which are always kept locked at all times. Since the gates were installed the break-ins have ceased. Now we can boast we are a "Gated Community".

North Gate
South Gate